Reliable Pump and Motor

Our Background

Founded in 1997, Reliable Pump & Motor began as a pump repair company that specialized in lift station maintenance and repair.

In 2002, we purchased a small electric motor repair shop with a well-qualified and dedicated staff and started to rebuild and service many types of electric motors and pumps. Since then, we have added the necessary pieces that contribute to a highly successful company.

Reliable Pump has grown to serve over 400 clients including many major casinos and government agencies. Reliable Pump has built an outstanding reputation throughout the industry and strives each day to uphold that reputation. We constantly work towards providing the highest quality, reliability, and service.

Quality Products, Service and Repair

Our staff of professionals includes factory trained technicians, a knowledgeable sales and office staff and a Grade 4 collection system operator to help with the complex issues that arise in sewage lift stations.

We currently provide weekly lift station service and monitoring for over 130 customers. These include multi-family residential complexes, housing developments, educational institutions, hospitals and the hotel/casino industry.

Reliable Pump & Motor is committed to providing our customers with only quality products, repair and service with the employment of highly trained individuals, exceptional performance standards and safe work practices. We believe in honesty and fairness when dealing with customers, vendors and employees. It is through these practices that we are able to provide the kind of quality and service our customers demand.

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