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Welcome and thank you for visiting RPMINDUSTRIAL.COM. Reliable Pump and Motor is an industry leader in new motor and pump sales and service. Our goal is to provide only the most reliable and efficient products to our highly valued customers, and that means offering the highest quality products available, including such reputable manufacturers as Baldor Electric Motors, TECO/Westinghouse and WorldWide Electric Motors among many others.

We also offer high quality rebuild, repair, and lift station service. Our skilled technicians can service anything from electric motor rewinding and repair, to pump rebuild and repair. Just about anything with an electric motor can be serviced here at Reliable Pump and Motor. We are also highly skilled in the repair of welders, generators, and plasma cutters.

At Reliable Pump and Motor our customers come first. Please contact us today to find out why.

Reliable Pump and Motor is a proud member of EASA, the Electric Apparatus Service Association.

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