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We all know time is money. If a piece of equipment goes down, it is imperative to get it back on-line as soon as possible. Reliable Pump and Motor has the ability to provide products from most of the top manufacturers as well as the lesser known companies. Through our special distribution agreements with our manufacturers we are able to ship products directly to you, saving our customers both time and money.

Reliable Pump and Motor is also an authorized service center for Hydromatic pumps, plus we can provide service for all other brands of pumps as well. Whether it’s a submersible, a vertical turbine, or a simple pool pump, Reliable can handle it. Reliable Pump and Motor also has a specialty machine shop in house to fabricate those parts that are hard to find or are unavailable through normal distribution channels.

Reliable can service fractional to 300 horsepower electric motors in house and can provide brand new electric motors and parts in the largest sizes available on the market today. Please call today for pricing and availability for all of your electric motor and pump parts and service.

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