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Reliable Pump and Motor is an expert in providing service and preventative maintenance on waste water pump stations. We offer a weekly preventive maintenance and service contract. This is an extremely popular service with our customers due to the fact that this service keeps costly repairs and replacement of pumps to a minimum. With our maintenance contract you will receive the following benefits:


• Record hourly meter readings to ensure pumps are operating correctly
• Test all breakers and switches
• Check all trouble light indicators
• Test all pumps manually to ensure effective pumping
• Screen interior of wet well for any abnormalities
• Inspect for sludge build up in the bottom of the well
• Check all floats for proper operation
• Monitor automatic pump cycling sequence

We also:

• Provide a statement of hourly meter readings and a brief report for each weekly maintenance visit
• Clean all floats
• Check and tighten all screws and nuts in the control panel
• Read and record amperage output

Annually Maintenance

• Wet well cleaning ( Additional fee for pump truck)

In addition to all these services you will also receive discounted labor rates for all other services that we provide.

As you can see, Reliable Pump and Motor takes maintenance on lift stations very seriously. The early detection of a small problem today can save large repair and or replacement costs in the future. With a Reliable Pump and Motor maintenance service contract you can have the luxury of knowing that your lift station will be operating properly and is being cared for by the very best the industry has to offer.

Pricing will vary depending on the type of lift station you have. Please call for an estimate on a preventative maintenance service contract that is right for your type of station.


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